Visual & Video Production

Do you want to present your company or service in a film that gives the viewer a good feeling and connects with your brand?
We specialize in giving you the best value for your money, cheaply and professionally: For 950€ we shoot and edit a one-minute film for you.

When does the solution fit?

  • You have a website or a social media account for your company, but no image video for the start or product page yet?

  • You would like to give potential new customers a strong positive impression of your service?

The properties

Videos for a lasting good impression.
Numerous studies have proven that videos leave an incomparably stronger impression than still images or text. The user’s feelings while watching the image video are the key to leaving a good and lasting impression. We design your image video in a way that simply makes your target audience want to interact with your brand.

You can spend many thousands of dollars on an image video. You won’t however get anywhere near the value added for that additional cost. As a low-cost provider, we know what matters. We specialize in simple and effective image videos that are easy on your budget.

You are part of the team.
In close cooperation with you, we develop the concept and carry out the shoot together. Interesting products or processes as well as sympathetic employees of your company enrich the video. Your company appears authentic through this effective collaboration, and you save yourself additional expenses.

Image films that authentically represent your business



Play Video

You want to leave a strong impression as a company and give your customers a convincing overview of your products or locations?

In cooperation with them, we can develop and shoot an image film! This will be realized with state-of-the-art camera technology as well as exciting drone shots entirely according to their wishes.

Show your company from its best, most authentic side for a fair price.

2D animations & explanatory videos



There is no better way to bring information to your customers in an entertaining and informative way than 2D animated films or explainer videos.

We specialize in presenting information as concisely and appropriately as possible in visual image form. With the help of professional animators we produce high quality videos that will capture the attention of your customers. 

Whether it’s a company’s internal process steps, or exciting world events, we can create a 2D animation specifically for you that will help your customers and employees understand the issues!

Animated Gif Videos



D2V produces exciting, fluid gif animations. With the great advantage of small size and easy web integration, gif animation can succeed where normal videos become too big or slow.

Whether in interactive graphics or websites, D2V has years of experience in creating gif animations and can custom make them for you.

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