User Interface & User
Experience Design

Your application needs an intuitive and user-friendly interface? We design a UI for you that is easy to understand and use.

D2V Check-In Input Dashboard



The D2V digital check-in system was designed to offer easy coronavirus attendance documentation for companies. 

Guests of the company can sign in via QR scan using a modern input screen. The user interface is easy to understand and lets users conveniently type in all the necessary personal details.  A simple design that saves users time and energy without the need for paperwork.

Yoga - Health and Fitness App Concept



Find your inner peace.

For a yoga app, a modal, window-based design was created that offers and shows the user new content every day.  Whether it be fitness, wellness or meditation, you can find the desired offer.

The focus on healthy living and deep relaxation is represented by the simple UI with great clarity and bright colors.  A user-friendly design where every yoga class offered is just a click away.

Bookmare Augmented Reality (AR) Concept



How do you get people to explore or investigate a library? With augmented reality!

The user is guided through the store by dynamically displayed colorful paths and can easily find the books and sections they want. Through a modern application, the user is guided and can retrieve and search for books.

The unforgettable experience of exploring the location through AR stays in the memory for a long time and turns a normal visit into an unforgettable experience!

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