Software as a
Service (SAAS)

Do you need a modern solution for in-house processes or applications on the web? Is the software you've been using reaching its limits or already outdated? Engage with us for software-as-a-service development, where processes are outsourced and executed easily, yet securely.

When does the solution fit?

Self-employed or smaller companies without their own IT staff benefit especially from the use of SaaS solutions.

The properties

No maintenance required.
Let us take technical weight off your shoulders. You stay flexible because you don’t have to maintain any software. While you save costs for programmers we do customizations and feature development for you. Web applications can evolve with your business more easily than before and on-site updates are eliminated.

Tailored and secure
When you hire us, we custom-develop applications along your wishes and needs that simplify or outsource processes.

Our developers are highly professional, but for our part we have streamlined processes to offer you affordable software-as-a-service development.

Deliveries: User-friendly delivery management for coworking spaces



In your coworking space, members can have packages delivered?

Are you using one of the popular coworking management systems?

Then use D2V Deliveries to save time, storage space and energy when handling packages!

With the help of our app, you can take photos of incoming packages. Our deep-learning algorithms will then automatically match the packages to their members and send them a notification as an email. A modern dashboard allows you to track and manage incoming packages. A simple workflow with less stress for your team and your members!

D2V-Deliveries ensures a simple and smooth workflow and allows your staff to focus on member needs and other tasks in the time saved.

Corona Check-In



Your company needs to carry out regular attendance documentation of guests? You want to save time and avoid any paperwork?

The Corona Check-In System is designed to manage the attendance documentation in times of Covid-19 in a hassle-free, digital and automated way for your company.

Guests of your company can check in with you via QR scan using a modern input mask. The personal details of their guests are registered in a database and automatically deleted after a 4 week period. Via a dashboard, which can also be integrated into popular coworking CMS, you have full overview of this process.
In case of Corona contact tracking, you can easily print their attendance documentation at any time.

Content Management System for Interactive Graphics



In cooperation with a news agency, a modern content management system for interactive graphics was developed. It supports all phases of the creation process of a modern-programmed graphic, from creation and editing to testing and deployment. It provides the ability to embed and display graphics in websites via iFrame, PYM AMP or direct link. Other features include AWS database integration, automatic API updates, and a user management system including role-based rights management.

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