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* as long as we have capacity to set you up

Hello, coworking Space Manager!

The Corona Pandemic and the associated restrictions threaten the business of many freelancers or smaller companies, typically the clients of Coworking spaces. Some of them may think about canceling their subscription because they can’t use the coworking space for the time being.

We have a tool for you, with which you can offer your customers real added value and persuade them to stay

Especially when many members are working from home, often they do not want to miss their important letters or packages that are directed to their address at their Coworking space. An additional service for members would be to automatically notify them completely contact-free via email about incoming letters or packages. Our system can deliver this for you in no time!

Hello, coworking Space Manager!


You get in touch with us


We set everything up personally


Your members will be happy

to get automatic notifications and regularly experience your space actively taking special steps to care for them during this time

What do our clients say?

"d2v-delivery had already been super helpful by informing members about their incoming packages. But since the start of the Covid19 precautions, our members could also get updated easily about their letters - the automated notifications, sending once we snap a picture of the label, gave them peace of mind and gave us an easy and fast way to provide them with the info they needed."
"Thanks to d2v we are slowly but surely streamlining our front desk tasks and making our lives a lot easier - first with d2v-delivery and now the Corona Check-In. The d2v team is always super helpful and quick to respond, customer service at its best. We are curious to see which other processes they will simplify next!"

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For more information, you can also see our product page at d2v-delivery.com.

Best regards, Sebastian Krieger,
CEO of data2visual.de