D2V offers a portfolio of modern, cutting-edge graphics designed to be interacted with and made with the latest frameworks and technologies.

Corona hotspots in Germany



“Corona Hotspots in Germany” is an interactive graphic that visualizes the increasing incidence rate of coronavirus cases in Germany.

It is divided into a state and county map and shows the dramatic coronavirus situation in each region of Germany. It uses an interactive, clickable SVG map and table to compare the different regions and lets the user find all the information they want via a click or text.

Through automatic API integration and updates, the graphic stays current with new figures from the Robert Koch Institute.

The color representation of the maps, as well as font and style are customizable and configurable.

Berlin Airport BER



“Berlin Airport BER” is an interactive graphic all about the BER airport, released in time for its opening in late October 2020, telling the turbulent history of the airport in informative and entertaining gif animations.

A strong focus is on educating the user about the exciting history and events of the airport. From a general overview with key data, to the failures, to the exact timeline, there is a lot of entertaining content. With easy navigation, users can select and view exactly the section that interests them.

What statements did the people important to the project give? What went wrong on the construction site? How did it go from one postponement to another? What has happened in the world in the last 14 years since BER went into construction?

You can find out all this and more in exciting videos in this graphic!

Corona C-19 Monitor



The “Corona C-19 Monitor” is a modern, interactive graphic that compares and displays worldwide coronavirus numbers. 

Animated line graphs show trends in mortality rates and new coronavirus cases. These can then be dynamically compared between multiple countries. 

Automatic API integration and updates keep the graph current with the latest figures.

Get a snapshot of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic in the “Corona C-19 Monitor” graphic.

Corona Mortality Comparison in Germany



The “Corona Death Rate Comparison in Germany” is an interactive graphic comparing the death rates of medically classified diseases in Germany with the current rates of coronavirus deaths.

Through several sliders, potential risk scenarios can be replayed to see how deadly the coronavirus pandemic could be with theoretical future growth. By classifying people into age groups and demographics, mortality rates can be individualized and customized.

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