D2V QR cards

We facilitate your attendance documentation with scannable QR cards for your guests. You save time and avoid paperwork.

When does this solution fit?

Your company needs to carry out regular attendance documentation of guests? You want to save time and avoid any paperwork?

The D2V Corona QR cards are designed to manage the attendance documentation in times of Corona in a hassle-free, digital and automated way for your company.

You can place the QR cards in your restaurant or business. 

Your guests scan the QR code conveniently via cell phone and are redirected to our input mask to enter their personal data.

The details of your guests are registered in a database and automatically deleted after a 4 week period.

Via a dashboard you have full overview of this process.


In the case of Corona contact tracking, you can easily print their attendance documentation at any time.

No paperwork or fear of losing documents.

The design of their QR cards is customizable and variable.

They can specify the name of their company and a German and English text that will address their guests.

Show their own logo on the cards

Upload your logo to us and we will print it on your QR cards so that your branding is attractively presented.

Show your social media presence

Do you want to redirect your guests to your social media presence? You can provide us with the link to your website and your guests will be automatically directed to it after you have registered.

Show your menu

Do you want to direct your guests to your menu? You can send us your scanned menu and your guests will be automatically directed to it. Alternatively, if your company is in Berlin, you can scan your menu on site.

Your cards are made and shipped for you

After you have made all your wishes and specifications, we will customize and design your cards for you.

Express the character of your company with text and logo and address your guests individually before the first contact.

We will print your cards on high quality paper and send them to you conveniently.

The D2V QR cards are the perfect solution for your Corona attendance documentation

Save time and energy in collecting personal data of your guests for contact tracking and express the character of your company with self-determined texts and own style.