D3.js data visualization for AFP

AFP (Agence France Presse) is one of the three largest news agencies of this world. With more than 2400 people and hundreds of offices in more than 150 countries, AFP is truly significantly shaping News around the world.

DATA2VISUAL is more than proud that we have build many D3.js based custom data visualizations for AFP which have been embedded during the German national elections and many federal elections on well known German and Italian news Webpages like Microsoft NewsDie WELT< and YYY.

Through being featured on such big platforms our visualizations have reached multiple million users.
During our work with AFP, we continuously improved the graphics-core in order to satisfy client requirements. This lead us to develop an advanced graphics core that enables easy and fast setup of new D3.js graphics. Using this core we are able to effortlessly and freely combine any:

  • CSS-themes
  • JSON-theme-settings
  • data (including multiple sources)
  • base-translations
  • dynamic-translations (of data-labels that frequently change)
  • graphic settings
    • like individual pull-intervals for data, translations, themes and more
    • if footer should be shown
    • credits setup
    • and more…